Parallel Systems have always been a leader in quality automation systems and ensure that our Dealers and their system integrators are trained and certified to install systems to a high standard which in turn give you the peace of mind to know that the installations will give you years of "Trouble Free" service.

As you are aware, our Supply Utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa have tremendous challenges in supplying reliable, cost-effective power and yet we are fortunate to have plenty of sunny days every year. We are ideally situated to harvest sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. Not all batteries are created equal - Are Lead acid batteries really cheaper than Lithium Iron Phosphate. Read this very imformative well laidout article written by Antony John English of Freedom Won Batteries and be informed. Click Here to see article

Freedom Won Batteries .

Freedom Won Batteries Specifications here: Freedom Won Batteries Specifications

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Our Dealers will also be able to advise and offer you an additional automated system that will use your alternate power as efficiently as possible. For example: If it is a sunny day and your solar system backUp capacity(Lithium Ion Batteries) is fully charged, your system could easily be automated to cycle through addition loads (Geyser, Pool Pump, Dishwasher, etc)while your power is free instead of just NOT using the power as many systems do.

Parallel Systems is committed to staying in the forefront with Reliable, Great Quality and quick to install back-up Power Solutions that will be able to be seamlessly expanded should you wish additional power or longer autonomy.

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We assist our Dealers to design, supply and install a reliable, cost effective systems to meet your specific energy needs

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