Parallel Systems have a wealth of experience with Uninteruptable Power Supplies and advise our dealers on optimum cost effective solutions that offer many years of reliable back up when it is really needed.

Whether you are looking for an Offline, Line Interactive or a true Online double conversion unit. Our dealers will be able to advise you on what you will require for your application. More detailed info in the Vertiv UPS Guide below.

Vertiv UPS Guide here: Vertiv UPS Guide

Specification Sheets

GXT4Micro Rev.1-02_2019 here: GXT4Micro Rev.1-02_2019

Liebert GXT4 UPS 5_10kVA here: Liebert GXT4 UPS 5_10kVA

Liebert-GXT5-5-20-kVA here: Liebert-GXT5-5-20-kVA

We assist our Dealers with training to design, supply and install a reliable, cost effective systems to meet your specific energy needs

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