We are able to offer you the following access control options:
  • Secure Key ring Remote access
  • Keypad / Code Access
  • Card / Badge Access
  • Other specialised Options (e.g. Vehicle Recognition)
The above can be set to control doors, gates and barriers with electric locking devices such as Magnetic, Striker and dead bolt types.

We are also able to control electric Doors, Shutters and Gates. Swiping a card can:
  • Disarm the alarm and open the lock with a triple swipe
  • Release the door lock only
  • Light a pathway into the house
  • Change temperature
  • Turn on audio zones with volume and source pre-selected
  • Swipe the card to activate pathway lighting and additional safety features.
  • Because each card or key tag is tied to a specific user, all of the actions can be customized for each individual user. It is very popular to receive an e-mail every day when your child arrives home from school.

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