Is fire detection in your home important to you and your loved ones? You don’t have to have fire detection in your home but wouldn’t it be good to know when the pot of oil on the kitchen stove catches alight at night because granny forgot to switch the stove off.

All of the HAI Omni panel’s can have Smoke and Heat detectors connected. The detectors are relatively inexpensive to install as part of the system.

In the case of a fire your touch screens will flash red, your siren will send out a fire tone and if you want, your panel will phone you first before it phones all the other numbers you told it to.
  • Heat Detectors for Kitchen and Garage
  • Smoke Detectors for Playroom, Bedrooms and other areas
  • Sounders / Sirens / Beepers to alert you to fire
  • Touch screens / Keypads indicate immediately where the fire is
  • Other specialised Fire Detection Options Available (e.g. Sprinkler Control, Gas Systems, etc)
Our staff are also trained and certified to install large commercial fire systems (Analog or analog addressable networks) if you need your business or factory equipped.

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