All our lighting control options allow for advanced control. Passive Infra Red Sensors that operate as intruder detectors when the house alarm system is armed can also be used as occupational sensors to automatically switch on or fade up / down lights in passages, Pantries, Guest WC or En Suite bathrooms at night.

Control every light in your house to be adjusted to pre-set levels so that, touching one button will create Party mode or Go to bed mode, Romantic Evening, Movies, etc

Security Lights can be scheduled by sunrise/sunset, motion, or triggered event. Additionally, lights can be controlled via remote control, telephone, Internet, touch screen, or TV.

Lights can be scheduled to come on when your security system is armed and you are away to “fool” would be intruders into thinking someone is at home.

Energy and cost saving by pre-set maximum light levels and using dimmers with soft start / stop will greatly extend lamp life.

Try the HAI Omni Touch Demo, "Click" Control, Select a light and adjust the level. Enjoy your favourite lighting scenes e.g. Party Mode, Romantic evening, Bedtime, etc by simply selecting "Button" and touch the Effect button you want. Imagine having to walk through your house every night checking that all the lights are switched off when you could go to your bedroom and touch the "Go To Bed" button instead.

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