We have a large selection of Multi room Audio only or Multi room Audio with Video distribution Systems available.

We are also able to integrate these systems seamlessly with your home automation controller allowing the following configurations:-

  • Have Music (or Sports Commentary) follow you around your home
  • Share music located in one room with other rooms
  • Wake up slowly at your preset times, your favorite radio station playing with the volume gently increasing
  • Your teenager can plug in their iPod in their room and listen to their music there or in any other zones in the house
  • Audio automatically timed to come on when you are away to confuse intruders
  • Mute the entire house's multiroom music to announce to all that an intruder has just crossed your backyard beam
  • Adjust the volume and source in any zone from your automation touchscreens
  • Connect to your Multi room system using your smart phone Bluetooth connection and see all your music complete with cover art on your smart device. It's so easy to select what you want. Just select Audio then "Click" the bottom left button to switch On and select Volume, Source etc - it's that easy to control) or you could easily control these systems remotely, even from another continent. For More info on the awesome HAI HiFi2 Multiroom Audio System Click Here
  • Video distribution to zones around the home.
  • Have your bedroom TV wake you up with your choice of channel.
We are also trained and able to design commercial multiroom Paging and Background Music solutions.

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