Home Networks are local area networks (LAN’s) for residential homes that are used to connect various devices within the home.

Once you have more than one computer within the home it becomes viable to have a home network installed, allowing the sharing of files, printers and a connection to the internet via a single broadband connection.

Home Networks further allow for sharing of various services such as data, voice and video from within the home as well as from external sources (e-mail, shopping, messaging, music, games etc).

The following parts form Home Networks in various configurations:
  • Broadband modem
  • Router (residential gateway)
  • Switches
  • Wireless access points
  • Network bridge
  • PC’s (Desktops, Laptops, Handhelds etc)
  • Printers, Plotters etc
  • Home Server or NAS
  • VoIP Phones (Voice over Internet)
  • Entertainment Devices (Stereo and Gaming systems, etc)
  • Appliances (TV, Fridge, etc)
Home Networking also allows for security and control of your home from within or from a remote location.

Networking technology is evolving and more electronic devices and home appliances are starting to be Internet ready and thus accessible through the home network. It is the emergences of all the residential intelligent devices that are making a home network an absolute necessity rather than a nice to have.

Our staff are also trained and certified to install commercial systems for your business.

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