We make your life easier not more complicated. A user friendly remote that can control a host of function with the press of one button. (Don’t you just hate having to press buttons on 3 or 4 remotes just to watch a DVD)

We offer various options for control from within your home, In your yard and when you are away.

Here are some of our solutions:
  • Secure Key ring Remote from 1 to 64 channels
  • Intelligent learning remotes with macro functions
  • Use a remote to control your TV and your complete home with Windows Media Centre Interface
  • Mobile Touch Screens including the Philips Proto Range (see News Page)
  • Use any phone to communicate and control your home from inside your home or from an external location
  • Windows Mobile Cell Phone Touch Home Control.
  • Internet Full Home Control (Just plug in a special Memory Stick and securely control from anywhere)
  • Conventional Internet Home Control
  • Use SMS to control your Home
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