Your Security and that of your loved ones is of the highest priority to us.

We will custom design an integrated system to meet your specific needs.

All our highly skilled staff are screened thus ensuring the confidentiality of your security system.

Kindly contact us if you need more information and we would be happy to meet and discuss / demonstrate various options with you personally.

Our systems are designed to be user friendly and have many extra options e.g. You can set your alarm at night and go to bed, even if your teenager is out and is due to come in late - Night Delay Mode.

Try the HAI Omni Touch Demo "Click" Security, Select mode and enter code - Its that easy. To check the status of all your doors, and other areas just "Click" Status then Zones and see which door you forgot to close. Remember that the real thing is just touched with your finger, its easy and you deserve it.

We specialise in the following areas:
  • Early Warning Detection Systems (We can detect intruders early to give you time to react)
  • Video Surveillance on touch screens (see Surveillance Page)
  • Outdoor and Indoor Perimeter Protection
  • Middle Area Protection
  • Boundary Protection
  • Volumetric Protection
  • Safe Area / Room Options
  • Smoke, Gas and other specialised options
We are also able to offer commercial security options for your business.

Contact us >>> We make it happen!

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