Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are extra eyes to see hidden areas instantly.

They can be viewed on your touch screens around your home e.g. in the kitchen and in your bedroom.

We can also integrate the cameras to be seen on a whole house Audio/Video System.

  • The Pool & Nursery
  • The Front Gate or Front Door
  • All around the house after dark (Infra Red Illumination)
  • Integrate your early warning system to automatically trigger cameras to show you the area (i.e. lie in your bed and watch the area triggered)
  • All integrated together
Try the HAI Omni Touch Demo "Click" Video. For full screen view just "Click" on the picture. Easy, convenient and friendly.

We are also able to offer commercial CCTV options for your business. Conventional camera systems as well as IP network camera solutions. We also do commercial remote monitoring i.e. Watch your business from favourite lounge chair at home.

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